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Rug Cleaning

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At Xpress Cleaning Solutions we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a high quality rug cleaning service to suit every need.

Rug cleaning is essential if you want to prevent them from losing their colour and looks.

They are beautiful additions to any home but they also require proper cleaning. Maintaining them is essential otherwise they will start to accumulate dust and fade in colour. Keeping them clean not only makes them more visually appealing but also protects your investment.

At Xpress Cleaning Solutions we offer professional rug cleaning services at affordable prices with a commitment to quality that is second to none. We treat and clean all of the following rug types:

Handwoven Rugs
Oriental Rugs
Belgian Rugs
Modern Acrylic Rugs
Antique Rugs

We provide the best cleaning solutions to get the best results. You can rest assured that all your rug cleaning requirements will be taken care of when you hire our services.

For your convenience, we can provide our services right in your home or office.

We also clean rugs off site and return them within 3 days

Rugs need to be carefully handled and require a gentle approach to cleaning. Attempting to clean your rugs other than weekly vacuuming could actually cause damage to them if you scrub too hard or use the wrong cleaning solutions. Either one could potentially damage your expensive rugs. We always take great care when handling your rugs as we know how valuable they are to you. If you have stains on your rugs that are difficult to remove whether from wine or coffee, we can also assist with removing them to the best of our ability.

Why Choose Us?

We take pride in offering reliable rug cleaning and restoration services. Our cleaning methods are completely safe and will make your rugs look as good as new. You can expect all of the following when you work with us:

Upfront Pricing:
We believe in being completely transparent with our pricing. While we do our best to give you an estimate when you contact us online or over the phone, we will notify you immediately if there are any extra charges.

Safe Products:
We use some of the best cleaning products in the world that are organic and non-toxic which are safe for pets and children. This helps to not only keep your rugs clean but it also promotes a healthier environment for your home or office.

We understand that your rugs are extremely valuable to you. All of your rugs are carefully handled and treated as if they were our own. We have helped numerous homeowners and business proprietors and can provide a solution.

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We Clean:

Residential Carpets, Commercial Carpets, Rugs, Upholstery, Leather, Mattresses, and Tiles and Grout for both Residential and Commercial Customers.

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